Dairy Regulatory Services

1. Licensing of milk handling premises

This is done to ensure that milk handling premises conform to food safety regulations. This is important to safeguard consumers by ensuring they access safe and quality milk. The premises targeted include milk bulking centres, transporters, processors, milk dispensers and milk bars among others

2. Inspection of milk handling premises

This is carried out routinely to ensure continuous compliance of milk handling premises to food safety regulations.

3. Surveillance on the quality and safety of milk and milk products

The Board continuously samples and tests the quality and safety of milk and milk products across the dairy value chain. This provides information for planning and decision making on matters of protecting the consumers of Kenyan milk.

4. Review and development of Dairy standards

The Board chairs the Dairy Technical Committee at the Kenya Bureau of Standards which reviews and develops standards for milk and milk products in Kenya.

5. Management of dairy imports and exports

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