• Launch of The Migori County school feeding program

    County Government leaders and various stakeholders during the school feeding launch.
  • Students from Nyala school for the deaf receive a surprise milk hamper

  • County Education Chiefs On Ecde Feeding

    At Silver Springs Hotel - 31st August 2016

Our Objectives

  • Re-introduction of School Milk in Kenya

    To Initiate debate on the introduction of milk in schools in all the 47 Counties in Kenya

  • Ensuring successful implementation of School milk Program

    Share experiences and lessons on successful SMPs from across the world with a view to identifying workable strategies and to generate ideas on how school milk programs could be implemented and sustained in all the Counties.

  • Bring everyone on Board

    Create a platform for the Dairy Industry to network and engage with the County Governments through the Executive Secretaries of Education, Health, Agriculture and Finance regarding the benefits of School Milk Programs and the importance of partnerships between the County Governments and the Dairy Industry in ensuring the establishment and the economic viability and sustainability of the School Milk Programs in Kenya.

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2nd National School Milk Conference-Kilifi county
27th October-28th October 2016

27/10/2016 - 08:00
PrideInn Plus Paradise - Mombasa County.
  • August, 08

    Health Benefits of Milk

    School milk programmes are effective vehicles for providing nutrition to children. School feeding programs have been proven not only to

  • August, 08

    How milk compare to other drinks.

    Milk is very important for a healthy lifestyle, studies have shown that children who drink milk avoid significant fat gain.

  • July, 11

    Sustainable school milk program in Kenya

    Beginning 2005, the Kenya Dairy Board and several stakeholders started conceptualizing on how to re-introduce a sustainable school milk program


  • Sustainable school milk program in Kenya
  • Sustainable school milk program in Kenya
  • Sustainable school milk program in Kenya
  1. Sustainable school milk program in Kenya
  2. Sustainable school milk program in Kenya
  3. Sustainable school milk program in Kenya

Mombasa County School Milk Program Launch

Mombasa School Milk program launched by H.E. Hassan Ali Joho the Governor Mombasa County.