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OCTOBER 27TH-  28th 2016



Kenya Dairy Board in collaboration with the State Department of Livestock Development are planning to hold the first ever Kenyan National School Milk Conference. This is scheduled to take place at the the PrideInn plus Paradise – Mombasa County  on 27th and 28th October 2016.

The THEME of the conference will be

“School Milk in the Counties” for a stronger Dairy Industry and a Healthier Generation


The overall objective of the conference is to promote the adoption of school milk at County and National levels. The specific objectives include:

  • Share experiences and lessons on successful SMPs from across the world and locally with a view to identifying workable strategies and to generate ideas on how school milk programs could be implemented and sustained in all the Counties.
  • Evaluate the ongoing SMPs and the strategies currently being employed by the stakeholders and the counties with a view to identify new opportunities and adopt new strategies to improve program delivery.
  • Create a platform for the Dairy Industry to network and engage with the County Governments regarding the benefits of School Milk Programs and the importance of partnerships between the County Governments and the Dairy Industry in ensuring the establishment and the economic viability and sustainability of the School Milk Programs in Kenya.


Benefits to speakers:

  • Realize personal and professional recognition in a greatly anticipated National School Milk Forum.
  • Present your knowledge and ideas regarding school milk programs, dairy industry and child nutrition
  • Receive a certificate of appreciation
  • Have your work published in the Official National School Milk Conference Report

To help you formulate your presentation, broad conference topics include:

  • Models of implementing a School milk program
  • Activation, Implementation, Management, Funding, Monitoring and Evaluation, Documentation, and Promotion of school milk programs (County School Milk Trust Funds)
  • Availability, Quality , Processing, Packaging, Distribution, Consumption, Waste management and Emergency protocols
  • Partnerships, Policy alignments, Strategic plans, Procurement and Finance Controls

Your audience will include:

  • National and County Government Policy Makers
  • Dairy Financiers
  • Dairy Breeders and Farmers
  • Dairy Technologists
  • Dairy Processors
  • Educationists
  • Corporate Management
  • Dairy Input suppliers
  • Education, Nutrition, Health, and Dairy Consultants

Submitting the abstract for your presentation

Speaker details: Include a short Curriculum Vitae
Deadline for submission: 13th October 2016
Content: one page abstract (or 250 word description) of the presentation
Requirements:  Please note that there are several obligations and deadlines regarding presentations at Kenya National School Milk Conferences. KDB reserves the right to cancel presentations by those who prove unable to fulfill these obligations:

  1. The KDB Speakers Committee does not always accept proposals as submitted. It may be necessary to blend your proposal with other proposals, to change panelists or to ask you to present another topic as part of another panel. In the event that the committee wishes to make changes, you will be contacted, advised on the committee’s wishes and given the opportunity to either participate or decline within the new format.
  2. Selected presenters will be notified in writing by October 20th ,2016  at the latest and a presenter package emailed including the speaker registration form.
  3. The presenter package will detail deadlines, all of which will be prior to October 20th ,2016  except for the complete presentations that must be submitted to KDB in soft copies (electronically) not later than October 17th ,2016