Why School Milk ?

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School milk programmes are effective vehicles for providing nutrition to children. School feeding programs have been proven not only to alleviate childhood hunger, but also to promote educational opportunities for children.
Every County Government recognizes that nutrition plays a very important role in a child’s health and academic performance; the new school milk program should be part of the wider strategy by the County Governments to improve the health and academic performance of children in ECD schools in the Country.
The benefits of a school milk program include:

  • To improve the health   status of school children – with proper nutrition children grow- better and stay healthy
  •  To improve academic performance of school children – it is difficult to learn on an empty stomach
  •  To increase school enrollment and improve classroom attendance– parents are more likely to send their children to school (especially girls) if they are fed at school
  •  To support the development of the dairy sector – school milk programmes increase the demand for locally produced milk or eliminates milk surpluses. Jobs are created- through the milk value chain
  • To support the development of the private sector – school milk programmes increase the demand for locally processed milk and supports the local dairy industry

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